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2014 Gas-to-Market 

& Energy Conversion

 Forum & Site Visits



21 - 23 October 2014

Omni William Penn Hotel

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 



Natural Gas Monetization Pathways | Gas-to-Products

Small-Scale & Modular GTL & Syngas Generation

Bioconversion of Methane | Gas-to-Ethylene | GTL

Landfill Methane to Fuels | Oxidative Coupling | DME

Shale Gas and Petrochemical R&D Site Visits

Methanol to Fuels and Chemicals


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2014 Meeting & Site Visit Program


Gas-to-Products, Fuels and
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17 - 19 March 2014

Windsor Court Hotel

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Carbon Conversion Forum and

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10 - 11 June 2014

Hilton Beijing Wangfujing



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Gas-to-Market and Energy Conversion

Forum and Site Visits

21 - 23 October 2014

Omni William Penn Hotel

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Presentations and other content

available in the Member Area 

Program Overview 

Gas-to-Market & Energy Conversion Forum & Site Visits


21 - 23 October 2014

Omni William Penn Hotel

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

EFI's 2014 Gas-to-Market forum brought together stakeholders involved in key developments related to the technologies, strategies, and projects in the dynamic areas related to the utilization of natural gas, the production of syngas from any feedstock, and the conversion to fuels and chemicals.


Presentations from EFI member companies and special invited guests included:


Gas Monetization | An exploration of the pathways being explored by resource owners, operators, and technology providers to monetize natural gas, methane, ethane, and NGLs, and analysis of the dynamics related to the Marcellus basin and other regions attracting increasing amounts of investment and infrastructure.


Small-Scale & Modular GTL | A session focusing on emerging small-scale GTL and syngas technologies and the opportunities they present in North America and elsewhere for both offshore and distributed conversion of natural gas and other feedstocks into fuels and chemicals.  Speakers include CompactGTL, Greyrock Energy, Primus Green Energy, Velocys and Oberon Fuels.


North American GTL | An update on the $100 million transformation of a dormant steam methane reformer in Louisiana into the Juniper GTL facility for the production of diesel, waxes and naphtha.


Oxidative Coupling of Methane | A briefing by Siluria Technologies on recent developments connected with its oxidative coupling of methane and ethylene-to-liquid technologies, demonstration plants, and recent announcements about collaboration with industry partners.


DME | An update from the company behind the first fuel-grade DME production facilities in North America, the recently published ASTM DME fuel specification, this month's EPA qualification of DME under the RFS -and the introduction of DME for heavy-duty trucks to be produced by Mack and Volvo.


Syngas to Gasoline | A talk from Primus Green Energy about its full-scale syngas to gasoline demonstration plant (to which EFI members were invited earlier this year) and plans for commercial deployment.


Bioconversion of Methane | A look at the potential for expansion of natural gas resources via bioconversion to liquid fuels, enabling the utilization of small-scale remote natural gas resources or methane and carbon rich gas residues for fuel production.


Gas-to-Products | Insight from stakeholders into the dynamics of some of the gas-to-ethylene and other facilities under consideration or planned in North America.


Fugitive Methane to Fuels | A briefing on initial results related to the harvesting of fugitive methane from landfills for fuel production and the scale up of sulfur-removal technology  a pathway to methane utilization and one of the recently established cooperative "EcoPartnership" relationships that formally link U.S. and Chinese stakeholders working on clean energy and sustainable development.


Site Visits | An opportunity to see firsthand some of the facilities central to petrochemical R&D and the production, processing, compression, metering and transmission of shale gas in the Marcellus Basin.





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